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Klezmer Podcast 72- Electro Morocco

Klezmer Podcast 72- Electro Morocco. For this we have Assaf Spector and Roy Gurel of Electro Morocco. Originally from Israel, these Brooklyn-based musicians bring a fresh sound to their songs. Their style of electro-pop, rock, and middle eastern sensibilities blend together to make a sound that is truly unique. After the interview watch the music video of their song “Down.” Listen and be swept away by Electro Morocco.
Run time: 20:49.

Klezmer Podcast 68- Red Hot Chachkas

Klezmer Podcast 68- Julie Egger. On this episode, I talk with Julie Egger, leader of the Red Hot Chachkas, based in the San Francisco area. The band has released a new album, Beats Without Borders. The band has been branching out from their local area, and has started touring. They will be appearing at this year’s Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto. We hear the track “Dancin’ On The Creekside.”
Run time: 29:32.

Klezmer Podcast 64- Sound Off For Haiti

This episode is dedicated to the earthquake victims in Haiti. A musical response to the earthquake was the Sound Off For Haiti festival, organized by Jessica Valiente, a New York City- based musician of the band Los Mas Valientes. We also hear from Metropolitan Klezmer Band members Eve Sicular and Debra Kreisberg.

Klezmer Podcast 62- Shetl Band Amsterdam

On this episode I am very pleased to welcome Michiel Ockeloen (Accordion) of Shtetl Band Amsterdam. He talks about discovering Klezmer music, his experience at KlezKanada, and performing original songs in a traditional style.